Transitions Program

We provide help with the transition to assisted living in Dover, Hampton & Seacoast of New Hampshire & York, ME

The transition to assisted living can be a difficult one, but Senior Navigators in Dover, Hampton, NH, and York, ME makes it easier. Our care managers will act as liaisons and on-site advocates between your family and the care facility. We'll:

  • Resolve any issues that arise during the first days to weeks.
  • Conduct regular visits for emotional support
  • Make efforts to promote social engagement within new community
  • Work with facility staff to ensure a smooth transition to assisted living

Sense of Purpose Program

As we age, many times we lose our sense of self. Through this program we will work to find that sense of purpose that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning. Working with one of our team members we will work to reengage, searching for purpose and meaning, laughter and joy. This program is also appropriate for clients with Dementia.