Geriatric Care Management Consultation

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The first step to starting services at Senior Navigators begins with a consultation with the family or representative to determine the main concerns that are present and whether our services our indicated. If indicated, an in-depth assessment will be conducted by one of our professional geriatric care managers that will include:

  • Medical conditions/diagnosis/medications
  • Mobility issues
  • Deficits in activities of daily living skills
  • Mental, Emotional and Cognitive Health
  • Nutritional and Dietary Concerns
  • Social Supports and Family Structure
  • Home Safety Concerns
  • Financial Assessment: What are the elder's approximate assets and income? We use this information to create the most realistic care plan recommendations for services and alternative living options.
  • Legal Assessment: Does the elder have advanced planning and estate planning documents in place, such as a health care proxy, power of attorney or Living Will?

Based on the assessment we will develop a plan of care with the senior and their family that can include recommendations and referrals for advanced care planning, in-home care and support services, Assisted Living Facilities and much more. Our care managers are skilled in assisting in challenging situations. We can provide advice on how to communicate effectively with your loved one and other family members, particularly when there are disagreements over care.